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Learn Violin Instrument playing at best Violin Classes Music Academy (School) in Surat

Learn how Violin instrument playing from best Violin classes music academy (school) in Surat. Violin is known as the Fiddle which is wooden string instrument of treble pitch. It has a hollow wooden body and four strings tuned in perfect fifths which played with a bow. The strings are usually tuned to the notes G, D, A, and E. It is held between the left collar bone and the chin. Different notes are made by fingering with the left hand while bowing with the right. In Music Industry, Violin played an important role in the Western classical tradition, folk music, including country music, bluegrass music and in jazz. Violin also played in non-Western music cultures, including Indian Music and Iranian Music.

Violin was first known in 16th-century Italy. But after the long modifications, the instrument becomes more powerful sound and projection. Violins can be strung with gut, Perlon, steel strings or other synthetics. A person who plays the violin is called a violinist. A person who makes or repairs violins is called a luthier or violinmaker. The violin is important in European and Arabian music. No other instrument has played such an important part in Europe. It became the most important orchestral instrument mostly used for the Solo Music & orchestral music. Violin is also the most popular instrument for children.

If you dream to become a good Violinist, than it takes years of practice. You can play the violin either seated or standing up. A beginner will start with pieces and or exercises that do not require precise or complicated technique in right or left hand. Solo players play mostly standing up while in the orchestra. As the musician develops more and more confidence and skill in both left and right hand, pieces and exercises will become progressively more difficult. When necessary, Swara Gurukul will also learn techniques and skills that will enhance their playing. Vibrato, smooth bow changes in the right hand, and shifting.

The standard way of holding the violin is with the left side of the jaw resting on the chinrest of the violin and supported by the left shoulder, often assisted by a shoulder rest. The violinist has to learn to put the fingers in exactly the right place so that the music is “in tune”. This is called intonation. The jaw and the shoulder must hold the violin firmly enough to allow it to remain stable. This changes the intonation of each note slightly by making it a little bit sharper, then a little bit lower to create mood. While teachers point out the vital importance of good posture both for the quality of playing and to reduce the chance of repetitive strain injury, advice as to what good posture is and how to achieve it differs in details.

Music Styles:-

Classical Music:

The Violin has been one of the most important of all instruments in classical music. The tone of violin appropriate for playing a melody line. Violin is extremely agile if in the hands of a good player. It can execute rapid and difficult sequences of notes that help match with the Classical Music.



In the 20th century, the Jazz performance using the violin as a solo instrument is documented. The Legend violinists Darol Anger and Mark O’Connor have spent significant in playing jazz. The Swiss-Cuban violinist Yilian Cañizares mixes jazz with Cuban music. Today Violins also appear in ensembles supplying orchestral backgrounds to many jazz recordings.


Indian Classical Music:

The Indian violin is the same instrument as that used in Western music. But also different in some senses like In Indian music the musician sits on the floor with the right foot out in front of them. This position is essential to playing well due to the nature of Indian music. The hand can move all over the fingerboard and there is no set position for the left hand, so it is important for the Violin to be in a steady.


Popular Music:

The Popular music in the 1980s, violins declined in use, as synthesized string sounds played by a keyboardist with a synthesizer took their place. The popularity of crossover music beginning in the last years of the 20th century has brought the violin back into the popular music arena, with both electric and acoustic violins.


Folk Music:

The Violin is not only became a very important instrument in art music, but proved highly appealing to folk musicians. While playing the folk instrument, the violin is usually referred to in English as a fiddle. In many traditions of folk music, the tunes are not written but are memorized by successive generations of musicians and passed as the oral tradition.


The violin has also been used in jazz playing in recent years. If you want to learn the Violin at a best music school, then you should go to the “SWARA GURUKUL”. Swara Gurukul renowned for its world-class standard of training. This is the only music school that truly has it all when it comes to tailored music learning. We regularly practice, make our practice sessions count and seriously prepare those pieces of music that we love on a fine instrument.


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    I am priyesh marvi. I would like to learn playing violin .Can you please tell me what will be fees and are you teaching violin as well ?

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    • by cjzjn Posted July 14, 2018 4:05 pm

      Hi Priyesh,

      Thanks for Choosing the Swara Gurukul as your Music Lerner. And we would be appreciating for your music learning Passion. Our fees for Violin Learning is 1500/- per month. And the time period is depends on your learning skills.

      For more information, Please call on this Number : (9825446350) & (8980288898)

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