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Learn how flute instrument playing from best flute classes music academy (school) in Surat. In India, the flute has been known by many names in addition to bansuri: algoza, bansi, kolalu, kolavi, kukhl, murali, nar, pava, pillankuzhal, pillangrovi, pulangoil, vanu, and vamsi. Under this variety of names the flute was used in both sacred and secular contexts up until at least the sixteenth century. Flutes are made of wood or different types and combinations of metal. Silver is the most common construction material used for making modern-day flutes. At the beginning of every school year, thousands of young children start their adventure into music by learning how to play the flute.

Types of Flute:

The flute does not have a reed to create sound like a clarinet, oboe, bassoon or saxophone. It is an aerophone which means you produce sound by blowing air across an opening in the instrument (a hole). Modern flutes are approximately twenty-six inches long with a bore width of approximately 0.75 inches. The most popular flutes are called transverse Flutes. This simply means that it is held horizontally when played. The other type of flute is called a Vertical flute. It is played with the end of the tube pointed toward the ground. Recorders and many Indian flutes play this way.

1. Closed hole flute:-

This refers to the type of keys that are on the instrument. All the keys that cover the tone holes (holes) on the closed hole flute are one solid piece-thus the name closed hole flute.

2. Open Hole Flute:-

On the open hole flute the keys that cover the tone holes look like a donut. They have a hole in the center of the key. However, not all the keys on open hole flutes are open. There are 7 – 9 closed hole keys on an open hole flute.


We (or our students) usually begin with lots of enthusiasm which often fades with time as we start to realize that sometimes working at our flute playing does feel a little bit too much like WORK! Because it takes time, effort and sacrifice to start to sound like your favorite flutist. Make sure you are playing with a quality instrument that is in top playing condition. An older flute may have leaks, a loose head cork or other unseen problems that prevent you from playing your best. Has your flute checked out by a professional who can tell you if it’s fully functional, so you can get the most enjoyment and learning from it. As you make progress, upgrading to a higher quality flute can take you to a whole new level, especially in tone.


If you want to learn to play the flute at a great music school, then you should go to the “SWARA GURUKUL”. Swara Gurukul renowned for its world-class standard of training, this is the only music school that truly has it all when it comes to tailored music learning. We regularly practice, make our practice sessions count and seriously prepare those pieces of music that we love on a fine instrument, the more long-lasting enjoyment we’ll give and receive from playing the flute.


Mr. Suresh Kalathiya, the flute teacher has studied and taught flute for well over 20 years. He enjoys playing and teaching flute Lessons for beginner student on Indian classical base flutes. If you are interested in playing the flute, you should start right away. It is a beautiful and a very rewarding instrument to learn, and you can enjoy many happy years with your flute.


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