Performing World’s best Shows

While the physical preparation is demanding, we can only imagine the mental and emotional conditioning put ourselves through as part of our preparation. For each performer, all of this preparation and hard work has one goal – to position them to give their very best at each performance each and every day they step on to that stage in front of live audience. If something goes wrong during their performance, we are skilled enough to respond quickly and get right back into our groove, without the audience ever noticing it.

So here’s the lesson. What are you doing on a consistent basis to prepare and position yourself and your team to give your very best performance consistently every day with your customers/clients? This preparation and practice should address the tasks as well as the mental stamina needed to give your audience (customers and clients) a reason to give you a standing ovation in the form of testimonials, repeat business and quality referrals.

“Practice doesn’t make you perfect; we’re human and make mistakes; practice (and preparation) gives you the edge to give your best effort on a consistent basis” – Suresh Kalathiya

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